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A Good File Never Forgets

Set up a file to record media calls to you. Don't rely on your memory alone.

Please tell all the all contacts included in your Sources listing they may get calls from the media and brief them on how to respond. This is the perfect opportunity to review interview guidelines.

Contacts should tell the person responsible for maintaining your media file about each media inquiry. If your Sources listing includes a main phone line answered by a receptionist have him or her note media calls directed to other staff members. You may be getting more calls from the media than you realize.

Compile a file of clippings. Try to tape radio and TV coverage. At least make note of such coverage.

A good file can help educate new staff members about your organization. Review the file contents in reviewing and planning your media relations strategy.

Finally, no file is good unless it's up to date. Make sure whoever is responsible for keeping records is on top of things.