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Answering Machine Tips

When the media call your organization will they get an answering machine or voice mail? If so you should:

  1. Assign someone to check messages at least daily.
  2. Include something like the following in your message: "We're sorry we've missed your call. Please be assured we check our messages daily and return 100% of our messages." Follow through with your promi
  3. Include your organization name, fax number, and mailing address in your outgoing message.
  4. If possible, refer to a number where the media can get immediate assistance.
  5. Assume all journalists leaving messages are on a tight deadline. Don't make a journalist or researcher wait too long for a reply or you may see your competition quoted in tomorrow's news!
  6. Be prepared for hang-ups. Many people are turned off by voice mail and answering machines because people don't return their messages. Try to turn this trend around for your organization.
  7. Don't assume an answering machine or voice mail can replace a good receptionist.
  8. Get the best voice in the office to record your message.


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