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Media Exposure

by Jean Coburn

Flexibility and imagination are among the best friends of the organization seeking media exposure. That was the main theme of the "Promotions on a Shoestring" seminar hosted by the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association. One of the presenters at the June 3rd seminar was Sandra Shaul, the Executive Editor of Rotunda magazine. Ms. Shaul discussed three main points on how to get media exposure. Although Ms. Shaul focused on how to get your magazine covered by the media, much of the information she presented is relevant for those promoting a new company, department, campaign, product or publication. Here are highlights of her presentation:

1. What Can be Promoted Through the Media?
*The magazine as an entity.
*A specific article.
*The magazine's niche or position as an authoritative voice.
*When relevant, the position of the association that publishes the magazine as an authoritative voice.

Be clear on what you are after when you contact the media. Be prepared to change gears if you see another opportunity when contact is made!

2. What Tools are Needed for Promotion?
*A copy of the magazine.
*A press release on magazine letterhead, clipped to the magazine, with a summary that includes the magazine's mandate, circulation, price, and gives the name of a contact with phone and fax numbers. Follow with a clear, brief outline or special opening line and a teaser/sell explaining why it is unique.
*A media list with names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, highlighting your most likely prospects (i.e.: those who regularly cover your subject and/or cover magazines).
*Familiarity with the format used by your contacts. If you expect them to take an interest in you, show them that you have an interest in them.
*Chutzpah and imagination.

3. How to Make Contact
*By mail for general coverage.
*By fax or telephone for very timely stories or for follow-up.
*By phone to bounce around ideas, to get an idea of what is most desirable, to discuss ongoing coverage.

When the media express interest, be accessible. Supply them with information quickly, briefly, and accurately.

A simple thank you for coverage never hurts!

Sandra Shaul is Executive Editor ofRotunda magazine
and head of the Publications Department at the Royal Ontario Museum.


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