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Corporate Volunteering

All organizations desire a positive image. Corporate volunteering is a way to gain exposure at a local and national level, while sustaining the values in which you believe.

Publicity is a benefit of corporate volunteering, but volunteering is also a reward in itself. Gather ideas from your staff and decide on how to make the best use of your volunteering time. This may include encouraging employees to volunteer with organizations on their own, or implementing a volunteer strategy with your company.

Charitable fundraisers, community clean-ups and other special events are great photo opportunities. Long term volunteering situations are also worthy of media attention.

What is Corporate Volunteerism?
A corporate volunteer program is an ongoing, co-ordinated effort through which a company promotes community involvement on the part of employees. It is a basic business strategy for community participation, which goes beyond financial donations. Participation of employees as community volunteers meets a critical community need for time, energy and skills while providing substantial returns to both the employee and the employer.

Who Benefits?
The Employees/Volunteers:

* Develop leadership/decision making abilities
* Achieve personal growth
* Gain opportunities to assist those who are needy
* Learn team-building skills
* Balance work life with fun leisure activities
* Increase their sense of worth and personal pride

The Employer:
* Enhances public image
* Achieves high visibility
* Solidifies interest in the community
* Improves local quality of life
* Increases employee morale
* Instills confidence in business
* Displays a humanistic approach to employee relations

The Community:
* Receives volunteers who have specialized skills/expertise
* Improves social conditions by helping the needy
* Builds a stronger and safer community
* Recipients receive improved quality of living

How Can You Promote Volunteerism Within Your Corporation?

  • DEVELOP a corporate policy/philosophy statement that is endorsed by top management to demonstrate your support for employees who are active in the community as volunteers
  • ASK your employees how they are active in the community and recognize them within the corporation for their efforts.
  • LINK with charitable organizations in need of volunteers, and work with your employees to secure meaningful ways of contributing
  • HOST a "Volunteer Fair" inviting local agencies to inform your employees about volunteer opportunities
  • ENCOURAGE your retirees and pre-retirement personnel to get involved as volunteers. Provide adequate information to help them make choices
  • INVITE speakers on volunteerism, publish articles about volunteering in your newsletter, put brochures in payroll packages
  • CONSIDER giving employee lieu time for volunteer work where they will be representing your company's commitment to the community
  • CONTACT your local volunteer centre

    By supporting and encouraging participation by employees, your organization can gain publicity while doing good. Everyone from your organization to the recipient benefits from corporate volunteering.

The volunteer information above was compiled with the help of
Ontario Association of Volunteer Bureaux/Centres.
If you require more information, call the centre at (416) 236-0588.