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Writing For Broadcast

When writing for radio or TV, there are issues to consider that don't apply to writing for print. What you are composing will be read out loud, and those hearing it don't have the benefit of re-reading something that was unclear. Precision becomes all important. Remember:

  • avoid abbreviations wherever possible - they are far too unclear.
  • spell out the pronunciation of words that could vary in ther pronunciation (ie: Gloucester - "Gloss-ter").
  • Avoid cramming too many thoughts into a piece - your listener won't be able to retrace the convoluted evolution of a thought.
  • Try out your piece on a friend or colleague unfamiliar with the issue or issues. If they don't understand it on first listen, go back to the drawing board.
  • Writing for broadcast is a special skill. By taking a moment to think about the uniqueness of these media, you can avoid many common pitfalls.

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