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Getting the most from Sources

Enhance Your Sources Listing and
Get the Most for Your Dollar.

By Tracey Parn

Here are some easy ways to make the most of your Sources listing. Get the most for your public relations dollar. Think about what your listing should include. Consider the following a checklist for reviewing your listing or as something to pass on to members of your organization who want to know what your Sources listing is and what its components are designed to do.

  1. Your basic listing price includes a 50-word descriptive paragraph, up to 15 contact names and numbers, and a minimum of 40 subject headings. Additional contact names are $25 each. Extra subject headings are $5 each. Extra words in your paragraph are also $5 per word.
  2. Your Descriptive Paragraph tells journalists who you are and what you do before they call. Draw in journalists who are just browsing through the pages of Sources for story ideas. Make your paragraph as clear and concise as possible.
  3. Your Contacts are the people you select for journalists and researchers to call. Many organizations direct media calls through their public relations department while others select contacts based on individual areas of expertise or choose a contact for each major region. You decide. A contact can include: name, title, mailing address, phone, fax, E-mail and an after- hours phone number. The more information the better! Make sure all the contact persons you select are aware they may be called by the media.
  4. The Subject Index leads journalists to your listing. Sources offers a comprehensive and fastidiously maintained subject index with carefully and appropriately selected headings for you to choose from. Your listing will include at least 40 subject headings - they will direct journalists to your listing when they are preparing a story in your area of expertise. Think of it as 40 times the coverage!
  5. A French-language Paragraph allows you to reach Sources users in Canada's other official language. It's only $99 per year and includes up to 60 words.
  6. Your Logo or Photograph appears at the top of your Sources listing and catches the attention of Sourcesusers. Over 80% of our listees choose to include this eye-catching feature. Black and White logos cost only $99 per year.
  7. For organizations without a logo, or with logos which don't include the organization's name, Large Type (27.5 point type) also draws attention to your Sources listing. For only $49 a year it's a bargain.
  8. If you have a WWW site, be sure to include the URL in your basic Sources listing. Additionally, you can "hotlink" your site for only $25 per year. A hotlink establishes a direct link from your Sources online listing to your company's own WWW page. Instantaneous and hassle- free, a great bargain! Remember, you can contact us to make changes to your online listing ( at any time. Always make sure that your listing information is accurate and up-to-date. During the last year, over 200 new individuals and organizations signed up for the Sources service. We welcome them and will continue to help these and all of our clients to expand their media relations profile. We are the source for Canadian journalists. Let us work for you!

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