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Say It With Presentations:

How to Design and Deliver Successful Business Presentations
By Gene Zelazny.

McGraw-Hill, 1999, 154 pp. illustrated.

Writing for the Web
By Crawford Kilian.

Self-Counsel Press, 1999, 139 pp.

These resources provide a powerful array of tools for self-promotion and communication in the oldest and the newest mediums - in person presentations and the World Wide Web.

Gene Zelazny’s Say it With Presentations takes a hands-on approach to teaching effective presentation techniques. Loaded with graphics and learn by doing exercises, the program outlined in this book will leave you, if not a suave emcee, at least able to give a presentation that communicates your message and doesn’t bore your audience into submission. A particular strength of Say it With Presentations is material Gene presents on avoiding the biggest problems with presentations, both in content and form.

Crawford Kilian’s Writing for the Web has a different flavour from Say it With Presentations, but it is no less impressive as a resource. Crawford Kilian is the author of a plethora of titles on writing techniques for Self-Counsel Press and his background as a written word communicator stands him in good stead. In a field often overwhelmed by flashy technobabble, Kilian puts communication before flash and produces a readable and helpful guide.

Unite these two streams and take a look at By registering for this free site, you can access tons of articles on presentation skills, including technical how-to on some popular presentation software. Worth surfing over to.

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