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Self-Counsel Press Ltd. (page 280, Winter 2004) is Canada's pioneering publisher of business and legal self-help books, all of which are written in layman's terms by leading experts. What is of particular interest to Sources listees is their third edition of Getting Publicity by Tana Fletcher and Julia Rockler. It's a valuable, concise resource guide that covers everything you need to know about getting publicity from writing and distributing press releases to preparing yourself for a television interview.

Other marketing communications titles published by Self-Counsel Press include Marketing Your Product (with CD-ROM), Marketing Your Service(with CD-ROM), Market Research Made Easy, Writing for the Web and Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business. For more information, or to shop online, go to their Web site

If you panic at the sight of a live microphone or lose sleep over the prospect of speaking publicly, then Cathleen Fillmore (Page 227, Winter 2004) is someone to call on for professional guidance. As an accomplished public speaker and Director of Speaker's Gold Speakers Bureau, Cathleen can provide customized coaching sessions to groom even the most reticent spokesperson. Cathleen offers free consultations and estimates on how she can be of specific help to anyone wanting to become a more confident and accomplished public speaker.

In addition to coaching sessions, Cathleen makes available her books, Going for Gold and Speaking for Money, A Guide to Getting Paid for Public Speaking. To learn more about Cathleen's services, buy her books or hire one of the professional speakers she represents, go to