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Give your Sources media profile an extra boost

You're listed in Sources because you want the media to find you when they're working on a story on your issues.

Part of Sources' power is its high visibility on the Internet. Your listing in Sources announces your expertise not only to the reporters who do a search directly on the Sources site, but also to journalists who do a Google search for experts on a given topic — and find your listing through Google's search results. Sources is a highly ranked site, so listings in Sources show up high in the search engines' results.

Search engines like Google rank cross-indexed and linked information as more important.

You can put this to your advantage by the simple expedient of putting a link on your own Web site pointing to your listing in Sources. This link automatically boosts the visibility of your listing — nudges it upwards in the search engine rankings, and makes it that much more likely that journalists will find it.

Sources is the top Web site for Canadian journalists — and it's in the top 2% of all Web sites worldwide. Being listed in Sources enables you to put that reach to your advantage. Put a link to your Sources listing on your own Web site allows you to maximize that advantage even further.

Setting up a link to your listing is easy:

1) Visit the Sources site and check the exact URL of your listing. It will be in the form:


(The three- or four-digit number immediately in front of the .htm is your unique Customer number which identifies your listing. Replace the "2061" in the above line with your own customer number)

2) On the appropriate location on your own site, create a link with appropriate text and with the above URL embedded into the link. For example, if you were going to create a link that said “See our media profile in Sources”, the link would look like this in code:

See our media profile in Sources

And it would look something like this on your page:

See our media profile in Sources.

If you need help, or if you'd like a graphical link rather than a plain-text version, send us an or phone 416-964-5735.