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Sources Media Training!

We are very pleased to announce that Sources has entered into a strategic partnership with Allan Bonner Communications Inc., North America's #1 media trainers.

Sources clients can now have the same high-quality media preparation used by eight heads of government, three dozen cabinet ministers, approximately 4,000 federal and provincial officials, and blue chip corporations on five continents.

You will remember the course leaders from The National News, Hourglass, Metro Morning, Ontario Morning, provincial legislatures, Morningside and Canada's largest major daily newspapers. These are exactly the assignment editors, anchors and writers you want to reach. Now, Sources ensures they work for you.

When you sign up, you will immediately receive the critically acclaimed book Media Relations, by course leader Dr. Allan Bonner, a workbook and pocket guide to get you started. In the training session you'll be interviewed in realistic simulations on the phone and in person. You will receive a tape of your performance for private review.

Courses are on regularly scheduled dates in Toronto throughout the year. We are also able to offer customized courses at times convenient to you at your own location, and across the country. Call 416-964-5735 to register or visit for more details.