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Why Print and Online?

People sometimes ask why, after 10 years of being on the Internet, are we still producing a print version of Sources? One simple answer is that we send copies of Sources to people who request it, and thousands of writers and reporters are still requesting print copies. What users tell us is that for some purposes, nothing beats print. And assumptions to the contrary, it's often more convenient and faster to use a book than the Internet. You've told us about Internet connections that are deadly slow, and about ancient, buggy computers that crash whenever they sense you're on a deadline.

Aside from that, we keep hearing that while the Sources Web site is great for finding contacts when you're working on a story, the print version of Sources is great for finding what you don't know you're looking for. There's nothing like browsing through a book to come up with new story ideas and new angles on existing stories. Sources in print brings you the power of serendipity.

And that's why we continue to produce Sources in print and online.