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How to Transform Your Business Into Gold

By Joshua Zuchter
Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author

When we think about running a business, one of the last words that would normally come to mind is the word alchemy.

Meaning to transmute or change common metal into another the art of alchemical science has been practiced and researched for millennia in many ancient civilizations.

In the west, the term alchemy is often associated to changing ordinary metals into gold. Although this has yet to be "proven" the analogy of transforming something like your health, a relationship, or business into gold, at least into what gold represents, is not only possible, but actually likely if you follow the specific protocol for doing so.

I have seen clients of mine increase their income from twenty five hundred dollars per month to twenty thousand per month within just sixty days. I have also witnessed clients decrease their workload by seventy-five percent while also maintaining their income and business profits at the same levels.

There are a number of steps that all successful entrepreneurs take to transform their business into gold. These steps can be summarized by the following equation:

AC + AC + AC = Success

The first AC stands for Absolute Clarity.
The more focused and clear you are with your goals, desires, aspirations, and business, the more focused your results. When it comes to the creation, running and development of your business there are many ways to become more focused. The first though, lies in deciding very specifically, why you are offering what you are, what you are offering and how you will offer it. Most business programs do not focus on the first of why. Yet that is the most important to the development and sustainability of your business. If profit is your priority and the main reason why you are creating your business, that is fine. As long as you are honest with yourself about that. If you priority is to help create greater peace in the world, then that too is fine as long as you are clear about that.

The second most common and one of the most important ways of becoming clearer is through developing a niche or target market. This means promoting your product or service to a specific group of individuals. As the saying goes, "Jack of all trades, Master of none", it is far better to become a master and then expand than to go about it the other way. Promoting your business to teachers for example will be easier and more effective to do than promoting your business to everyone who breathes.

Other useful ways to become clear include defining what you are wanting to create. Dreaming about and envisioning how you see your business and your life growing means you are refining your clarity and the direction of your business. You can also become clearer with your product, constantly refining it by enhancing it with new ideas and aspects that will add to it, while removing those that may no longer be working.

There are many other ways to obtain and create Absolute Clarity, the key is in the consistency of doing so. For your business to succeed, it must continuously evolve, clarify, expand, clarify, expand, clarify then expand.

The second AC stands for Absolute Certainty.
Belief, in both yourself as a business owner, entrepreneur, and leader, as well as in your product or service is paramount if you desire to build a business and have it succeed and last for the long term.

This is the one trait that all successful business owners share in common. Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune Five Hundred company or a sole proprietorship with no employees, the belief that you have about yourself and your company will determine the flow of customers and clients into your business.

The more belief you have about yourself and your business, the more magnetic you become. The less believe you have in yourself and/or your business, the more of a repellent you become. This is noticeable not just in business, but in every area of life itself.

The third AC stands for Action.
Wishing clients would just find you or call you up, or meditation alone, is not enough to attract a full practice, or thousands of customers. Your ideas, thoughts, and vision for your business must be accompanied by action.

All of the successful businesses that you can think of today began and grew with enormous amounts of massive action. Interacting with others through networking, marketing, promotion, and public relations are often the best forms of action. However, the types of actions you take make a difference as well. For example, if you are starting a business, offering free or discounted services, samples, gift certificates, coupons and the like are great ways to attract clients. The next step is to then offer great service to those clients and through word of mouth, your business will expand very quickly.

Without this vital component of action, it is easy to stay stuck in your thoughts and in your mind about a successful business rather than creating it and truly experiencing it first hand.

Be sure to keep this in mind, starting or expanding a business does not have to be worrisome, difficult, or a chore. It is absolutely possible to create and develop a business that lasts in an inspiring and empowering way. The key to transforming your business into gold is to take massive action with absolute clarity and absolute certainty. As you do, you will witness the transformation of your business before your very eyes!

Joshua Zuchter, both business coach and life coach, is sought after for his expertise in understanding the human mind, human behaviour and how that impacts business development.
Joshua has inspired thousands using the revolutionary tools and techniques he has developed related to the mind, body connection and modern application of eastern spiritual philosophies. Joshua coaches entrepreneurs, individuals, and executives. He has also written many articles for life and business providing lively anecdotes, practical tips, and "real-world" advice.

You can reach Joshua at or by calling 416-388-1135, or at

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