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Can You Make Your Point Relevant?

By PJ Wade "The Catalyst"


What's your point?

What problem or problems do you solve?

Are your answers to these two questions clear and concise enough that you
can answer a third? Can you make your point relevant?

When you are invited to speak on your area of expertise, away you go.
Those who know a lot about a topic can go on for ages in any medium, so
having something to say during an interview is not an issue.

The challenge lies in making your point using terminology and context that
is relevant to the interviewer, and worth reading or listening to for the
target audience. If you wait until an interview with a journalist or
broadcaster forces you to frame what you know in their context, you've
missed the point of being interviewed by the media.

The point is not, "Can you come up with an answer to a question using your
knowledge and experience?" When speaking to the media, the point is, "Can
you frame your response cleverly, concisely and memorably in language and
context that is extremely relevant to the audience that particular media
outlet or journalist is intent on impressing?" This interview is not about
promoting you. It is one element in a carefully-crafted program or
publication, online or off, which is designed to impress and entertain the
target audience. For the media, success is measured in popularity: "Wow,
what a great show, article, radio spot, podcast, blog...I can't wait for
the next one!"

When you have contributed to this success, the interaction between you and
the interviewer was terrific and you appeared as the expert you are.


You'll then get asked back again, and again. Other media will pick you up
and...well, you know the opportunities that await or you wouldn't be a
Sources client.

When you can explain your point and the problem you solve with full
relevance to any end user, you are worth interviewing. Be prepared, and
practice so you don't merely look like a know-it-all. You'll come across
as a polished professional who genuinely relates to what matters to the
man, woman, or child who listens to, watches or reads your point---and
enjoys every minute.

PJ Wade, The Catalyst. Excerpt from What's Your Point?
( - Published December 2008) Reprinted with
permission. All reprint rights reserved.

PJ Wade is "THE CATALYST"---Futurist, Strategist, Cross Generation
Expert and Media Commentator---who shares practical, real-life insights on
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