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Gain Clients(and Earn Money)By Speaking Engagements

By Cathleen Fillmore


One of the best way to get new clients is by speaking to organizations. There's something about the immediacy of being in front of people that has great spin-off benefits. So whether you do it for the fees or for the contacts or both, you really can't lose. Another bonus is that speaking professionally will take you out of your comfort zone into learning new valuable skills.

If you're new to public speaking, then the "first step is to get training." Start with Toastmaster's or with a private coach. Once you've reached a certain level of competence and are getting great feedback, "offer your services as a speaker to non-profit or community groups."

Maybe you're a good story teller and feel you're a natural on the platform. Not so fast! Are you also good at structuring your speech and sticking to the time frame?

Maybe you've been well trained and even have your own staged choreography: "arms open here, two strides forward there. Stop! You need to unlearn all this."

You can do almost anything on the platform and get away with it as long as you're authentic. Pleasedon't be staged or fake.

Perhaps you have a string of degrees and have done tones of research. You really "know your stuff and you're very earnest about it. Stop! You have to unlearn all this too."

Be authentic. Be conversational without being patronizing. "Involve your audience." Forget about yourself and focus on what value you're brining to your audience. That's all that matters.

Take your speech as seriously as you would if you were being paid big bucks for it. Because it's that serious!

Find a wonderful title for it. You know that buying decisions are based on chemistry, not intellect, so create a title that appeals to your buyers. Your subtitle should clarify the title.
That's exactly the approach I've taken to writing this article.

Make sure you get testimonials from audience members to use later in your promotional material.

Now that you have some expertise and know exactly what you want to say, use the contacts you've gained to find your audience. Ask them for referrals to the associations they belong to. Ask your local librarian for The Association Book.

When calling a Conference Organizer, ask what the theme of their upcoming conference is and whether they've got their speakers lined up. Large conferences usually plan a year in advance. Let them know what you have to offer.

The trick here is to find ways to keep your name in front of them with periodic phone calls or brief mailing updates.

Approach many different organizations at the same time so you keep the momentum going. Your promotional kit should contain a bio including your accomplishments and qualifications along with three of your speaking topics. .

The third page should contain short testimonials from clients and/or customers along with a list of clients.Now that you're all set with training, a promo kit and contact information for your target audience, go for it!

Cathleen Fillmore, owner of Speakers Gold bureau, consults with speakers who want to find the money in the marketplace and maximize the returns on their talents.Cathleen is a member of MPI, a certified consultant with the American Consultant's League and a consultant to some of North America's top speakers.

To contact her,

visit or call 416-532-9886.