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The Benefits of Professional Speaking

By Cathleen Fillmore


Find out what to expect before jumping into this field:

  • 1. It's a constantly learning experience. There's nothing quite like a profession where you're always learning something new. No matter how good you are, you'll still have something to learn or some new set of skills to acquire. Just when you think you're on top of things, things change and you have to continuously adapt or be left behind. It's a profession that demands that you continue to stretch and grow. One thing that's so intriguing about speaking is that you can never get complacent. You'll always have something to strive for.
  • 2. You'll have the opportunity to reach a lot of people with your message. It's gratifying to feel that you've touched people in some way and helped them to rethink or change their lives. The letters and feedback you'll get from clients whose lives you've touched are one of the great rewards in this field.
  • 3. If you have any holes in your self confidence, speaking in public will reveal them to you. This is good (if a little painful) because it shows you what areas you need to work on. In other words, if you feel competent in your work and confident about yourself, you may find that confidence slipping when you try something new and daring like public speaking. You've just moved out of your comfort zone. This is all to the good since comfort zones are only good when we need a short snooze. They're no place to get stuck in!
  • 4. You meet wonderful people and get great feedback and find your circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues growing exponentially. Each speaking engagement opens a new door and offers many new opportunities.
  • 5. The income potential is unlimited. If you're so good that your reputation precedes you and your message is timely, you can demand whatever price you want. And you can speak as much or as little as you like.
  • 6. Speaking is a field that ties in very naturally with almost any profession. You can start out supplementing your income by sharing your expertise with an audience. And then you can decide whether or not to become a 'full-time' speaker. Most speakers find it's beneficial to keep their hand in as a sales person, dentist, interior designer or whatever and that this hands-on experience continues to fuel their speaking career. The authenticity you gain by continuing to have hands-on experience shows up on the platform.
  • 7. Speaking is a field that requires the very best you have to give. Nothing less is acceptable. You'll be required to look your best, be on your best and most professional behavior all times, and acquire a truly stellar reputation. Constant improvement is a must in this field. You're only as good as your last gig.
  • 8. In the speaking profession, you'll meet some of the most Interesting, dynamic and accomplished people in the world. In fact, you'll soon become a member of this exclusive club yourself and find that others will seek your company and your expertise.
  • 9. You'll get paid for travel and develop an international reputation as an expert when you deliver your speech to organizations around the world. Quite a heady experience! I know of speakers who are more in demand in other countries than in their own.
  • 10. Don't forget the exciting experience of an audience's applause or the thrill of a standing ovation. There's nothing quite like it!
Cathleen Fillmore, owner of Speakers Gold bureau, consults with speakers who want to find the money in the marketplace and maximize the returns on their talents. Cathleen is a member of MPI, a certified consultant with the American Consultant's League and a consultant to some of North America's top speakers.

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