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Tips to ensure a safe business trip

Barry Siskind


Travel, which is usually an essential part of attending an exhibition, can add an element of danger for the unprepared.

Every day you read stories of trips interrupted by disease, terror, acts of nature and crime against unsuspecting travelers.

Here are a few suggestions to make your next business trip safer.

Separate your sources of money

If you lose a major credit card you can usually have it replaced relatively simply but if you lose cash you’re out of luck. Separate your cash leaving some in the hotel safe and some in different pockets of your clothes. If you are travelling with a companion spread your cash around so each of you carries a small amount.

Watch your wallet

Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket and don’t sling a purse over your shoulder and let it dangle. Both practices are an invitation to a would-be thief.

Copy major documents

Before your leave, copy your passport, birth certificate, visa or health cards leaving one copy at your office or home. It’s also helpful to have a second copy that you can leave in the hotel safe.

Beware of strangers

If you want to tour the city, let your hotel or travel agent arrange your local tour guides.

Buy the necessary insurance

Talk to your insurance agent to make sure that you have the proper health and travel insurance in place. For health insurance get the names and contact information of the insurance company’s local representatives so in case you need help you can access it quickly.

Get vaccinated

Disease is not a problem in most major urban centers but you can never be sure. Take the proper precautions by checking with your health practitioner or access information on-line as to what diseases are prevalent in the countries you are visiting. Plan ahead of time as some inoculations require one or more doses.

Limit the numbers of valuables

Leave expensive jewellery and personal items at home. If your schedule demands lots of travel during your business year, an inexpensive watch is a good investment.

If confronted don’t fight

If you are mugged give up and don’t fight. Hand over your watch, wallet, jewellery and anything else the mugger demands. Jewellery can be replaced &ndash you can’t.

Register with your Embassy

Check with the country embassy or consulate and register the date and length of your stay ahead of time.

Know the local laws and customs

Your embassy can be very helpful but they are generally reluctant to intercede when you have broken a local law.

Notify your credit card company

It’s a good practice to let your credit card company know when you’re travelling. This way they can expect charges from these countries and flag unusual charges that come from countries you are not visiting.

Take authorized vehicles

Be careful of unmarked taxis and buses. If in doubt let your hotel or local travel agent arrange ground transportation for you.

Be street smart

Don’t get too complacent because danger can lurk everywhere. Always be on guard.

Business travel can be fun, exciting and filled with wonderful adventure. A bit of caution will go a long way to make sure you can focus on the real reason that brought you to this destination.