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Abortion Rights: Experts and Sources
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Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres
Pan-Canadian group of sexual assault centres working to implement legal, social and attitudinal changes necessary to prevent and eradicate rape and sexual assault. The intent of CASAC is to act as a force for social change regardi...

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Abortion and Conscience
Malik, Kenan
I am as in favour of a woman’s right to abortion as I am hostile to Creationism. I recognize, however, a fundamental difference between insisting that all biology teachers teach the theory of evolutio...
Abortion, Infanticide, Humanity, Free Speech
Malik, Kenan
Abortion is right, and infanticide is wrong, because there IS a moral boundary between the fetus and the newborn.
Anti-abortion violence
Connexipedia Article
Violence committed against individuals and organizations that provide abortion.
A Brief History of the Medical Reform Group
Guyatt, Gord
Connexions Information Sharing Services
Covers the year 1979 - 1994.
'Free speech' - as long as it doesn't offend anyone
Diemer, Ulli
Canadian Dimension - Volume 43, Number 1 - January/February 2009
On the issue of free speech most of the right and much of the left are in agreement, and so too are many liberals, activists, and human rights apparatchiks. They hold essentially the same position on ...
Under siege: North Dakota's last abortion clinic fights on
Harris, Paul
North Dakota's largest city, Fargo, is home to the last facility offering terminations. And as laws tighten across America, the pro-life movement is starting to scent victory.

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The Media Book: Making the Media Work for Your Grassroots Group
A Step-by-Step Guide
Scheiman, Diane; Oliker, Stacey
This "how-to" manual sets out to outline a model media campaign that can be modified and used by other reproductive rights groups with low budgets and staffs, around the U.S.

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