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Arab/Israeli Issues: Experts and Sources
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IJV endorses United Church Working Group call to boycott settlement products
Independent Jewish Voices
The United Church of Canada's Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy's report has been attacked by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. IJV is supporting the right of the Church to make its own...
Independent Jewish Voices letter refutes Ambassador's claim Israel supports Christian Palestinians
Independent Jewish Voices
Jewish organization counters Israeli ambassador's Islamophobia. IJV states Israeli occupation, not Muslims, is cause of Christian Palestinian problems.
Sources welcomes Independent Jewish Voices
Independent Jewish Voices
Sources welcomes a new member: Independent Jewish Voices. ndependent Jewish Voices represents Jews in Canada from diverse backgrounds, occupations and affiliations who have in common a strong commitme...
Sources welcomes the Seriously Free Speech Committee
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Sources welcomes a new member: the Seriously Free Speech Committee. The SFSC is committed to free expression of views on Israel/Palestine.
The story Israel doesn't want you to know: Israeli Resistance to Israeli Apartheid
Anarchists Against the Wall
Shachaf Polakow, a member of the Israeli group, Anarchists Against the Wall will be speaking about the work of the group who act jointly with the popular Palestinian struggles against the Wall in the ...
UNRWA suspends food distribution in Gaza
Food distribution for both emergency and regular programs in Gaza will be suspended from 18 December until further notice. All crossings for goods into the Strip are closed and no humanitarian supplie...

Sources Select Resources

Arab Jews vs. Palestinians: Israel's Refugee Pawns
Cook, Jonathan
Israel's attempt to compare Arab Jews to Palestinian refugees.
Fuck Hamas! Fuck Israel! Gaza youth offers up a cry of despair
Rapid global reaction to cyber-manifesto surprises its drafters
Carbajosa, Ana
The Guardian
A group of Palestinian youth put out a manifesto that calls for an end to divisive party politics in Gaza and the West Bank. The youth want peace and freedom.
Israel/Palestine: Resources for peace, justice, and human rights
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Connexions Information Sharing Services
A selection of resources for those looking for a solution to the situation in Isreal/Palestine based on peace, justice, and human rights.
A Marxist History of the World part 96:1956: Hungary and Suez
Faulkner, Neil
1956 was a year of war, revolution, and disillusionment – a year after which nothing could ever be quite the same again.
Noam Chomsky: 'No individual changes anything alone'
Edemariam, Aida
Guardian Weekly
Noam Chomsky is one of the world's most controversial thinkers. Now 84, he reflects on his life's work, on current events in Syria and Israel, and on the love of his life – his wife.
Questions about Israel's attack on Gaza
Diemer, Ulli
Why do these terrible outbreaks of violence keep happening? Written during the Israeli attack on Gaza in July 2014.
Welcome to Israel's version of apartheid
Cook, Jonathan
Jonathan Cook
Moments before an Aegean Airlines flight was due to take off, three Israeli passengers took security into their own hands and demanded that two fellow passengers, from Israel's Palestinian minority, b...
Why is the West praising Malala, but ignoring Ahed?
Is an empowered Palestinian girl not worthy of Western feminist admiration?
Khoja-Moolji, Shenila
Al Jazeera
Khoja-Moolji examines the lack of media response to the plight of 16 year-old Ahed Tamimi, detained for allegedly assaulting an Israeli soldier during a confrontation at her home during which Israeli ...
Why Israel has silenced the 1948 story of Nazareth’s survival
Cook, Jonathan
Jonathan Cook
A rarely told story of the 1948 war that founded Israel concerns Nazareth's survival. It is the only Palestinian city in what is today Israel that was not ethnically cleansed during the year-long figh...

Sources Bookshelf

Our Way to Fight
Peace-work under siege in Israel-Palestine
Riordon, Michael
Documents the lives and work of grassroots peace activists, Israelis and Palestinians fighting for justice and human rights on both sides of the wall. The book also explore events that stirred people ...


New Internationalist
New Internationalist reports on issues of world poverty and inequality. We focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless worldwide in the fight for global justice.

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