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Business Success Requires Boots on the Ground
Richard Martin
A fundamental principle of counterinsurgency strategy is that you need ‘boots on the ground.’ You can’t influence a population and secure ground and terrain, especially populated areas, without ...
Calgary Businesses Working to Quickly Recover from June 21 Flooding
Tenato Strategy Inc.
Calgary marketing firm Tenato Strategy is working to help businesses find the silver lining in the June 2013 flood -- through promoting urgently needed products, communicating with customers, and comm...
Eight Tips that Make Filing Business Income Taxes Easy
Colette Robicheau -- Organizing Consultant and Coach
There are many great things about having your own businesses. Filing your taxes isnt one of them. So here are eight quick tips that you can use to make filing your taxes easier and less time consumi...
Harnessing Critical Mass; How to promote organizational momentum
Randall Craig, Social Media and Networking Expert
Ripe with commonalities, Google, Apple, HP, Facebook, and General Motors have many shared qualities: capitalization in the billions, American ingenuity, the best in their day. And each has made a su...
Richard Martin on Selecting Your Objectives for 2013
Richard Martin
Last month I wrote about one of the two fundamental principles that underlie all other principles of business battle: following the path of least resistance. The other is selection and maintenance of ...
Richard Martin Recommends Going for the Jugular
Richard Martin
Disable your opponent's centre of gravity -- his unique source of balance and strength--and do so quickly and with resolve when you have a window of opportunity.
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvre - 15 April 2013
Richard Martin
People are not mushrooms; they don't grow best in the damp and the dark. You have to let in the light so they know what is happening, why it's happening, and what needs to be done, both individually a...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvre - 8 April 2013
Richard Martin
When I was a young platoon commander in the army, I had a commanding officer who told us that the true measure of leadership success was to be respected, not liked. When you're respected, you influenc...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
The military uses the principle of combined arms cooperation to balance the strengths and weaknesses of various arms and elements within a force. This creates synergy and mutual support. A well balanc...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
An army on the offensive advances on a wide front to probe for weaknesses and gaps in enemy defenses, reinforcing small incursions to create breakthroughs. Similarly, a business in growth mode must wi...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres 11 February 2013
Richard Martin
The first and most important principle of war, and the only sure road to victory, is offense. Defense should only be used as a temporary measure while doing everything possible to (re)gain the initiat...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvre for 7 January 2013
Richard Martin
There's a military dictum to the effect that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted. Scouting parties are sent out to confirm the lay of the land, the presence and nature of enemy forces, the fr...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
The bridgehead principle is crucial for expanding business, as it provides a notional and physical anchor point in the new territory. Whether the intention is to expand the range of products in an exi...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres - 11 March 2013
Richard Martin
Whenever you're creating a message, giving direction, or developing objectives and plans, aim to formulate them at a high school level. This isn't meant as an insult to the receiver, but rather as rec...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres -- 20 May 2013
Richard Martin
A key role for every leader is mentoring and coaching his or her subordinates so they develop to their full potential.
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres -- 27 May 2013
Richard Martin
It's critical that managers and executives at all levels of a company identify what they control and what they don't. They must resolve to act on those things they control while influencing those they...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres 25 February 2013
Richard Martin
Technology has always been a key factor in warfare. The side that is better able to exploit a new technology and do so faster and in greater numbers than potential or actual enemies will tend to preva...
Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
Richard Martin
Don't leave your people guessing. If you want them to do something or to attain a certain outcome, tell them and give them a milestone to achieve it.
Sources welcomes Diane Craig
Diane Craig, President, Corporate Class Inc.
Diane Craig is a leading expert in all matters of image and etiquette. She provides carefully designed programs to help individuals progress through their own organizations by improving their interper...
Sources welcomes The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women
The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women
Sources welcomes a new member: The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women. BPW Canada is a non-sectarian, non-profit and non-partisan women's organization.
Use Experience to Learn Systematically
Richard Martin
Just like military forces, companies and other types of organization should be disciplined about conducting after action reviews.

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A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to business and economics in the Sources directory for the media.

Sources Bookshelf

Telling the Truth
Socialist Register 2006
Panitch, Leo; Keys, Colin (eds.)
A collection of essays that examines the difficulties of illuminating the degenerative and secretive nature of public life.


Les Affaires
Trade, business, personal finance, and economics in Quebec and Canada.
Alberta Broker
Association and industry activities and issues relevant to the members of the Independent Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta and their industry partners.
Alberta Venture
Business news and profiles of companies and entrepreneurs in Alberta.
Business news and personal finance. The channel is devoted to financial information and the business world.
Atlantic Business Magazine
Founded in 1989, Atlantic Business Magazine is a bi-monthly glossy consumer publication that covers all areas of business within the four Atlantic provinces. It is the longest publishing regional busi...
Atlantic Journals
We specialize in special magazine and publications for membership associations. We also specialize in shareholder awareness through Corporate inserts in National Daily's.
The Bay Street Bull
Exploring executive life. Distributed in the Toronto financial district and nationally.
BCBusiness Magazine
From politics to health to sports and travel, if it takes money or makes money, BCBusiness Magazine relays it to readers in an informative and entertaining package.
Bloomberg Business News
Financial, government and economic news.
BNN (Business News Network)
BNN broadcasts programming related to business and financial news and analysis.
Business Bulletin
Mississauga business activities.
Business Edge
Insightful coverage of the Alberta business community. Two editions published, one for Calgary, one for Edmonton.
The Business Exchange
Listings of businesses for sale.
Business in Vancouver
Covers all sectors of the Greater Vancouver business scene.
Business Trends Magazine
Local business news.
Canadian Business
Business magazine. Covers national business news, issues, trends and personalities. Available online and through apps; no print edition.
Canadian Healthcare Business News
Home care and health products.
Canadian Insurance
Property, casualty and life insurance coverage for independent insurance brokers, insurance agents, risk managers, adjusters, corporate insurance buyers and insurance company executives.
Canadian Investment Review
Current research and information on investment markets and theory for professional institutional investors.
Canadian Perspectives
Articles on the Council's vision for Canada and Canadians: safeguarding social programs, promoting economic justice, renewing democracy, asserting Canadian sovereignty, promoting alternatives to corpo...
Canadian Treasurer
For finance and treasury professionals.
CBC News Network
24-hour national and international news broadcasting.
Commerce News
Events of significance for the Edmonton business community.
Company Magazine
Aimed at women in business, the small, digest-size magazine is jam-packed with useful information for women, with articles on sales, marketing, communication, relationships, work, money and more. It i...
The Corporate Ethics Monitor
Since 1988, original articles, comparative essays, and commentary on corporate ethics and social responsibility.
Direct Marketing
Canada's publication for advertisers using direct response marketing.
Durham Business News
Regional business news.
Electrical Business
Canadian electrical industry news and information.
Financial Post Business Magazine
Business magazine with national distribution through the National Post newspaper.
Fresh Magazine
Fitness, health, business, fashion, music, sex and culture. For ages 18 to 34.
The G7 Report
International business news. Emphasis on venture capital and private equity.
German American Trade
German-American economic, corporate, political and trade news. Aimed at the German-American business community.
Government Purchasing Guide
Information on new products. Written for purchasers and managers at all levels of government.
The Harness Edge
Standardbred horse monthly magazine
Here's How!
A consumer publication written with the number 1 goal of taking the mystery out of buying consumer electronics, digital imaging, wireless and computing products. An informed, educated consumer becomes...
Home Business Report
Starting a business from home.
Huronia Business Times
Business news for central Ontario.
Investment Executive
For those who work in the financial and investment industries.
Investment Reporter
Stock market information.
IT for Industry
Information technology solutions for manufacturers.
Journal of Commerce
The leader in delivering construction news to Western Canada's construction marketplace. The Journal is the only publication providing essential information and fast-breaking news on the construction ...
Kootenay Business Magazine
Regional business news.
Latin Life News
Showcasing the best of Canadian Latin culture.
A current affairs magazine published once a month in print and weekly online
Magazine Entreprendre
News and information for a variety of industries.
Management Magazine
Business strategies and management.
Manitoba Business Magazine
General business news.
Manitoba Focus
Business magazine featuring Manitoba's financial institutions and businesses.
Mississauga Business Times
Regional business news.
Monitor Magazine
Computer and online news for home and home-based business computer users.
Montr‚al Inc.
Profiles of different business sectors, businesses, personal finances and information technology.
Natural Life Magazine
Addressing contemporary health, personal, environmental and lifestyle issues in a positive and intelligent manner since 1976.
Northwest Business
Oil and gas, forestry, construction, manufacturing, industrial, trucking and business services industries in Northern Alberta and British Columbia.
Nova Scotia Business Journal
Business trends in Nova Scotia.
For BC small business owners.
Okanagan Business Magazine
Regional business news.
Ottawa Business Journal
Comprehensive business news.
Profit: Your Guide to Business Success
For Canadian entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Business news and issues for small to medium-sized businesses.
Quebec Inc.
Quebec Inc (formerly Magazine Finance) is a French-language news magazine that targets knowledgeable investors, business people, financial planners, investment brokers, mutual fund representatives, an...
REM: The Real Estate Magazine
Industry news, trends and new product information for real estate professionals across Canada.
Resource World Magazine
A leading authority on investing in resource stocks
R.O.B. (Report on Business Magazine)
National business magazine distributed with The Globe and Mail newspaper.
Services For Exporters
Services available for the new or seasoned exporter with features on exporting, legal, and financial issues.
Sounding Board
Local business news and company profiles of Vancouver Board of Trade members.
Stitches for Patients
Humour magazine for patients, distributed through doctors' waiting rooms.
Toronto Business Magazine
Serving the Greater Toronto Area business community.
Toronto Life
Entertainment, travel, arts, properties, politics and business.
Trade and Commerce
Economic development in Canada.
Trade Talks
For 8,000 registered businesses in Brampton.
Vancouver Magazine
Lifestyle magazine. Profiles, news, entertainment, events and features on architecture and design.
The Western Investor
Real estate investment.
Windsor Business
For executives and business owners in Windsor and Essex County. Editorial coverage includes commercial property transactions, corporate litigation, business start ups and shut downs, M&As, expansions ...

Government Ministries & Agencies

Business Development Bank of Canada
BDC provides small and medium-sized businesses with flexible financing, affordable consulting services and venture capital. BDC supports the needs of entrepreneurs at every stage of growth.
Statistics Canada
Canada's central statistical agency.

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