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Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres
Richard Martin
An army on the offensive advances on a wide front to probe for weaknesses and gaps in enemy defenses, reinforcing small incursions to create breakthroughs. Similarly, a business in growth mode must wi...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvre for 7 January 2013
Richard Martin
There's a military dictum to the effect that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted. Scouting parties are sent out to confirm the lay of the land, the presence and nature of enemy forces, the fr...
Richard Martin's Monday Morning Brilliant Manoeuvres 25 February 2013
Richard Martin
Technology has always been a key factor in warfare. The side that is better able to exploit a new technology and do so faster and in greater numbers than potential or actual enemies will tend to preva...
Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
Richard Martin
Don't leave your people guessing. If you want them to do something or to attain a certain outcome, tell them and give them a milestone to achieve it.
Sources welcomes Strategic Insights Canada
Strategic Insights Canada
Sources welcomes Strategic Insights Canada. Strategic Insights Canada provides competitive market research and analysis in Ontario energy, nuclear energy, aerospace and municipal infrastructure.

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