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Disability Issues: Experts and Sources
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Canadian Down Syndrome Society is Concerned About Our Most Vulnerable Canadian Citizens
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is outraged at the recent decision by a Quebec judge to acquit an HIV positive man accused of sexually assaulting a woman with Down syndrome after she was unable to ...
Disability and Immigration Rights Groups Call on Immigration Minister to Do the Right Thing
Migrant Workers Alliance
Advocates are calling on Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to do the right thing: repeal sections of the Immigration Act that deny permanent residency to an entire family if a member of the family is...
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Responds to Cases of Abuse Reported
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society once again calls for the closure of all institutions in Canada. Institutions are a breeding ground for abuse.

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Disabilities Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on disability topics in the Sources directory for the media.
Disability rights movement
Connexipedia Article
A movement aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
Disabled parking spot hologram
Damn Bored
Damned Bored TV
If there's one thing drivers hate having to deal with, it';s parking. But there's one type of person that is a real ass, the type that isn't handicapped and will take up one of those spaces anyways. T...
A web portal featuring information and resources about health, with articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and important arti...
TPP Undermines User Control and That's Disastrous for Accessibility
Sutton, Maira
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens all users' ability to access information and participate in culture and innovation online, but it's especially severe for those with disabilities or who o...

Sources Bookshelf

Design for the Real World
Human Ecology and Social Change
Papanek, Victor
While two-thirds of the world's population lives in poverty, valuable human and natural resources are used to produce: fur-covered toilet seats, electronic nail polish dryers, diapers for parakeets, a...


Abilities Magazine
Articles and resources providing information, inspiration and opportunities for people with disabilities, their families, friends, and professionals.
Why Not Magazine
Promoting education and awareness of physical disabilities.
Winnipeg Access Guide
Accessibility guide for Winnipeg.

Government Ministries & Agencies

Canadian Transportation Agency
The Agency's responsibilities include: Dispute Resolution, to resolve complaints about transportation services, rates, fees and charges; Accessibility, to ensure that our national transportation syste...

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