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Bil'in: Palestinian Village Under Attack
Leaders of non-violent protests in Bil'in village against Israeli settlements and occupation arrested by Israeli occupation forces. International supporters are asked to support the non-violent resist...
Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Non-Violent Resistance in Bil'in in the West Bank
Come to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the non-violent resistance in Bil'in in the occupied West Bank. February 5th from 5 until 6pm at the Iisraeli Consulate 180 Bloor St. W. Toronto.
Israel: Misuse of Drones Killed Civilians in Gaza
Human Rights Watch
Israeli attacks with guided missiles fired from aerial drones killed civilians during the recent Gaza fighting in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch says.
Occupation on Trial - Palestinian village sues Canadian corporations for building illegal Israeli settlements
Bil'in, a Palestinian village that has become an international symbol of Palestinian popular non-violent resistance to the ongoing construction of the Israeli separation wall, is suing Canadian corpor...

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Bilin's Mohammad Khatib arrested
One month after touring Canada key Palestinian activist kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in another in a series of raids that Israeli occupation forces have carried out in Bil#in since June 2009, raids t...
The Goldstone report and the battle for legitimacy
Falk, Richard
Electronic Intifada
It may yet be the case that, as in the anti-apartheid struggle, the shift in the relation of forces in the Palestinians' favour will occur not through diplomacy or as a result of armed resistance, but...

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Crimes of War
What the Public Should Know (Crimes of War project)
Dworkin, Anthony; Gutman, Roy; Rieff, David; Mendez, Sheryl
An A-Z guide to the laws governing armed conflict and their application in practice. The chapters include discussions of the crimes prohibited by international humanitarian law, key terms relating to ...

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