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Horses: Experts and Sources
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Bully for Brontosaurus
Reflections in Natural History
Gould, Stephen Jay
A collection of dicursive essays on natural history.


Atlantic Horse & Pony is managed by DvL Publishing located in downtown Liverpool, NS
Canadian Arabian News
For breeders and owners of Arabian horses.
Canadian Horse Journal
Serving Canada's equine community. Articles on horse health, training, national and international news, product and breed profiles.
Canadian Thoroughbred
Canadian race horses, their pedigrees and how they influence racing in North America and internationally. Subscriptions include Canadian Horse Annual, the Sire Book and the CTHS Statistical Review.
The Corinthian/Horse Sport Magazine
For equestrian competitors, owners, coaches, breeders and owners of sport horses.
Courrier Hippique
Equestrian magazine.
Digest-sized, full-colour sales catalogue and directory for equine professionals throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
The Harness Edge
Standardbred horse monthly magazine
Horse Action International
Equestrian magazine.
Horse Care Magazine
Deals with horse health information for owners, riders, trainers, breeders and other equine industry players.
Family horse magazine, focusing on health care and horsekeeping information. Profiles on Canadian achievers and achievements.
Horsepower Magazine
For young horse lovers 6 to 16. Information about riding, training, owning and caring for a horse or pony.
Horses All
Canada's all-breed news source. Official publication of more than 175 horse clubs and associations.
Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal
The leading equine publication in the West for the past 10 years, covering all aspects of Western Canada's horse industry.
An all breed, all discipline equine news magazine with an Ontario focus.
The Spreading Chestnut
Keeping farriers (horseshoers) informed about their profession across Canada.
Trot Magazine
Harness racing magazine.
Women & Horses
The world's only magazine devoted exclusively to horse women, their needs and interests

Government Ministries & Agencies

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
The ministry extends practical and financial assistance to farmers to improve their techniques, rehabilitate their land and upgrade their livestock and crops. It supports research and education at agr...

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