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Anavex appoints contract research organizations to initiate Phase I/IIa clinical programs, regulatory strategies in Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp signs a definitive master services agreement with Genesis BioPharma Group and ABX-CRO Advanced Pharmaceutical Services to begin clinical studies and regulatory filings for it...
Anavex presents data on neuroprotective evidence for ANAVEX 2-73, lead compound for Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. ("ANAVEX") (OTCBB: AVXL) is pleased to provide a summary of its second poster presentation at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) held in Paris, enti...
Anavex presents data on potential dual utility of ANAVEX 2-73 in both amyloid and tau pathology
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. ("ANAVEX") (OTCBB: AVXL) is pleased to provide a summary of the first of two poster presentations at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) held in Pari...
Anavex raises $1.575 million
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. ("ANAVEX") (OTCBB: AVXL) is pleased to announce that it has raised US$1,575,000.00 through the exercise of warrants. Funds will be used to continue the Phase I clinical tria...
Anavex rapidly advances ANAVEX 2-73 for Alzheimer's disease, Phase I clinical trial progressing well
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (“Anavex”) (OTCBB: AVXL) has commenced the 30 mg dose step in its ongoing Phase I clinical trial to evaluate ANAVEX 2-73, the company’s lead drug candidate for Alzheimer’s d...
Anavex to present at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (“Anavex”) (OTCBB: AVXL) today announced that new data on ANAVEX 2-73, the company’s lead compound for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) currently in Phase I clinical trials, will be...
Anavex to present at Rodman & Renshaw Healthcare Conference September 13 in New York
Dr. Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA, Alzheimer's Disease and Pharmaceuticals/Biot
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. ("ANAVEX") (OTCBB: AVXL) is pleased to announce that Dr. Cameron Durrant, the company#s Executive Chairman, will be presenting at the Rodman & Renshaw 12th Annual Healthcare...
National Senior Safety Week: Drug Safety for Seniors
Canada Safety Council
Many older Canadians are on multiple medications to treat a wide spectrum of ailments and improve quality of life. But without taking proper precautions, these life-saving and life-improving drugs can...
Ontario Takes Legal Action Against Pharmacies, Generic Drug Companies and Wholesalers
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario is taking legal action against a number of pharmacies, generic drug manufacturers and wholesalers after the discovery of their involvement in a scheme where drug products were being sold sever...

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Bad Pharma, Bad Journalism
Cromwell, David
Media Lens
‘The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal’, from Ben Goldacre's new book, Bad Pharma presents a disturbing picture emerges of corporate drug abuse.
Connexions Library: Health Focus
Connexions Information Sharing Services
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on health.
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to drugs and pharmaceuticals in the Sources directory for the media.
Healthcare in China: GSK claims prompt crackdown on corruption
Kaiman, Jonathan
Guardian Weekly
Fallout of bribery allegations against British company shows the state wants to be seen to act to clean up murky system.
A web portal featuring information and resources about health, with articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and important arti...
Held hostage by Big Pharma: a personal experience
Marqusee, Mike
Red Pepper
Mike Marqusee looks at how drug firms can make huge profits from their state-enforced monopoly on an essential good.
Killing 'Schizophrenics': Contemporary U.S. Psychiatry Versus Nazi Psychiatry
Levine, Bruce E.
Counter Punch
In the United States in the earlier part of the twentieth century, there was widespread compulsory sterilization of those diagnosed with serious mental illness; and from the 1970s through the early 19...
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Outrage Against Big Pharma! Activists Protest "Obscene" Conference
Kinder, Chris
It was in their fancy tailored suits and with suspicious eyes that Big Pharma CEO's and investors got interrupted by protestors as they came and went from the (too-big-to-fail) JP Morgan-sponsored con...
Pfizer's Elixir of Youth?
Tamoxifen Makes Women Live Longer (Says Manufacturer of Tamoxifen)
Rosenberg, Martha
It was a great moment in Pharma funded physician “education.” At a symposium at the American Psychiatric Association’s 2010 meeting called “Mood, Memory and Myths: What Really Happens at Menopause,” t...
Pharma Greed Run Amuk
Hoover, James
Dissident Voice
Congress, especially its GOP members, created the Martin monster. Martin Shkreli is only one of the monsters the GOP Congress has created. Probably our best hope is that one or many, like Shkreli, wil...
Pharmaceutical policy
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Pharmaceutical policy is a branch of health policy that deals with the development, provision and use of medications within a health care system.
Pharmageddon: how the US got hooked on prescription drugs
White House declares prescription drug abuse in US 'alarming' as thousands flock to Florida – the home of oxycodone pill mills
Pilkington, Ed
The Guardian
An investigation into the underground trade of oxycodone, a widely abused prescription drug. Ninety-eight percent of prescriptions in the United States come from southern Florida, where doctors at "pi...
Prescription drug
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
A prescription medication is a licensed medicine that is regulated by legislation to require a prescription before it can be obtained.
"Right to Try" Is a Cruel Farce
Adler-Bolton, Beatrice
Drug companies want you to think they're providing glimmers of hope to terminally ill patients. Don't believe them.
Sources HotLink - June 30, 2016
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Articles about the FBI and the information it gathers, Donald Trump and the media, and the role of pharmaceutical companies in suppressing information.
Survey shows varying prices at drug store
Diemer, Ulli
Seven News
It pays to shop around before you decide with which drug store to do business. This is the conclusion of a survey of Ward 7 drug stores carried out recently by Seven News staff.
TPP is "Worst Trade Agreement" for Medicine Access, Says Doctors Without Borders
Interpress News Service
The TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] will…go down in history as the worst trade agreement for access to medicines in developing countries, said Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in...

Sources Bookshelf

Healy, David
David Healy's comprehensive argument against the pharmaceuticalization of medicine is an indictment of problems in health care that are leading to a growing number of deaths and disabilities.
Private Profits vs Public Policy
The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Canadian State
Lexchin, Joel
According to Joel Lexchin, "Given the central role that medicines play in keeping us healthy, it is essential that we understand the policy environment that governs drug development, from the initial ...


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Alternative health and nutrition.
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Topics of interest to pharmacists.
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Publishes peer reviewed, clinical and research articles of interest to Canadian pharmacists.
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Business management for pharmacies.
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Professional journal for Canada's pharmacists. Provides updates on new drugs and disease treatments, as well as current professional issues.
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Government Ministries & Agencies

Health Canada
Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

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