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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Experts and Sources
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Children's art from Gaza opens Mar. 9 in Vancouver with speakers on children's rights, post-traumatic stress
Child's View From Gaza Committee
The Mar. 9 Vancouver opening of art exhibit created by children in Gaza features Barbara Lubin of Middle East Children's Alliance on children's rights and a video interview with Dr. Eyad el-Sarraj of ...
Rapport de la Bande de Gaza pour Ouvrir l'Exposition d'Art pour Enfants
Child's View From Gaza Committee
Vancouver - Regard d'enfants sur Gaza comprend des uvres surprenantes et courageuses sur le papier en utilisant colorie, peintures et des marqueurs par les enfants qui ont survcu l'attaque militaire ...
Sources welcomes Dorothy Ratusny
Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., Psychotherapist & Author of The Purpos
Sources welcomes a new member, Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., Psychotherapist & Author of The Purpose of Love.

Sources Select Resources

Dealing with PTSD in the newsroom
International News Safety Institute
International News Safety Institute
Post-traumtic stress disorder doesn't just affect combat veterans and victims of war. Approximately 20% of war correspondants are diagnosed with PTSD.
Health care and children in crisis in Gaza
Garfinkle, Miriam; Abdul-Qadir, Reem
These days one hears a lot about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, adults who have been specifically trained for warfare, who are nevertheless traumatized by the experience of seeing comrades injured ...
The modern US army: unfit for service?
Kennard, Matt
The Guardian
Gone are the days of the all-American army hero. These days, the US military is as likely to be a sanctuary for racists, gang members and the chronically unfit.

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