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Cauca's indigenous community radios appeal for help
As fighting between guerrillas and the army intensifies once again in the Cauca department in south-western Colombia, indigenous communities and their communications infrastructure are more than ever ...

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National Campus and Community Radio Association Member Directory
National Campus and Community Radio Association
Stronger legislation needed to sustain community radio
Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
One of the most critical impediments to community radio is inadequate legislation.

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Media Names & Numbers
Your Connection to the Media
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A comprehensive directory of the Canadian news media, including television and radio stations and programs, daily, weekly, ethnic and campus newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and academic jour...
The Voice of Newfoundland
A Social History of the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland, 1939-1949
Webb, Jeff A.
Explores the roles that radio played in society and culture during a vibrant and pivotal time in Newfoundland's history, and demonstrates how the broadcaster's decision to air political debates was pi...


CFCR-FM, 90.5 mHz
Community, Varied
CFMF-FM, 103.1 mHz
Communautaire, Pop, Rock
CFRO-FM, 102.7mHz
Alternative, Community
CHAI-FM, 101.9 mHz
Communautaire Adulte Contemporain
CHYZ-FM, 94.3 mHz
Campus, Alternative
CIEU-FM, 94.9 mHz
Communautaire Moderne
CIFA-FM, 104.1 mHz
Community, Communautaire
CINN-FM, 91.1 mHz
Communautaire Vari‚e
CITR-FM, 101.9 mHz
Campus, Alternative
Campus, Closed-circuit, online
CJMQ-FM, 88.9 mHz
Campus, Bilingual
CJPN-FM, 90.5 mHz
CJRG-FM, 94.5 mHz
Communautaire Pop, Rock
CJSE-FM, 89.5 mHz
Radio Communautaire Vari‚e
CKJM-FM, 106.1 mHz
CKRL-FM, 89.1 mHz
Communautaire, Vari‚e
CKRP-FM, 95.7 mHz
CKUT-FM, 90.3 mHz
Campus, Bilingual
CKVI-FM, 91.9 mHz
Community Radio
CKWR-FM, 98.5 mHz
Community Radio, Soft Hits.

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