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CFQM-FM, 103.9 mHz
Contemporary light rock
CFSX-AM, 870 kHz
Country, Pop
CFVM-AM, 1220 kHz
Pop Adulte Oldies, baby boomers, musique annŠe 60 et70
CHMX-FM, 92.1 mHz
Adult Contemporary
CHNL-AM, 610 kHz
Greatest Hits
CHTK-AM, 560 kHz
Contemporary Hits
CHVD-FM, 100,3 mHz
Succes Radio Genre Contemporain
CIKI-FM, 98.7 mHz
Format: Top 40
CIOO-FM, 100.1 mHz
Adult Contemporary
CJDC-AM, 890 kHz
Country Hits
CJIQ-FM, 88.3 mHz
Campus, Contemporary Pop, Dance
CJLM-FM, 103.5 mHz
Moderne, Commercial
CJTN-AM, 1270 kHz
Light Pop, Rock
CKKX-FM, 106.1 mHz
Contemporary Hits
CKNG-FM, 92.5 mHz
Contemporary Hits
CKUE-FM, 95.1 mHz
Contemporary Rock
CKUM-FM, 93.5 mHz
Campus, Top 40
CKXA-FM 101.1 mHz
Contemporary Hits
CKZZ-FM, 95.3 mHz
Contemporary Hits
VOFM-FM, 97.7 mHz
Classic rock.

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