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Inaugural Golden Oldies Football Festival
K Communications
Golden Oldies World Football Festival will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, in October 2016.
Lessons for Risk and Opportunity from NHL Draft
Richard Martin
The NHL amateur draft has just ended and it offers interesting lessons about assessing risk and opportunity.
New Website for International Association of Sports Newspapers
International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN)
The International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN) has launched a new website,, to highlight its work in the promotion of the interests and freedom of the sports press.
Sources welcomes Adam Strimaitis, Author of The Millionaire Moron
Adam Strimaitis, Author of The Millionaire Moron
Sources welcomes a new member: Adam Strimaitis, Author of The Millionaire Moron. Adam Strimaitis is an author, professional speaker and corporate trainer.
Sources welcomes ParticipACTION
ParticipACTION, the national voice for physical activity and sport participation in Canada, focuses on inspiring and supporting Canadians to move more.

Sources Select Resources

The Biased Report that led to Banning Russians at the Olympics
Sterling, Rick
Dissident Voice
Canadian lawyer Richard Mclaren's report infuenced the World Anti-Doping Agency to call for the banning of all Russian athletes from the Rio Games.
Boycott BP's Baku games
Rowell, Andy
Baku, the oil capital of Azerbaijan, is set to host the 2015 European games. However, it's not just fun and games in this city. Azerbaijan is a country famous for oppressing freedom of speech, abusing...
Canadian university launches bachelor's degree in sports media
Valji, Salim
World News Publishing Focus
Ryerson University, one of Canada’s top journalism schools, has announced the creation of the country’s first bachelor’s degree specifically geared towards sports media.
Content Magazine - Number 24
October 1972
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Content Magazine
Dynamo Kiev fans wear KKK outfits, swastikas in ‘white frenzy’ display intended for UEFA official
Dynamo Kiev fans welcomed a visiting UEFA inspector to their home match versus Shakhtar Donetsk wearing outfits of the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and masks bearing swastikas.
Fifty years ago, Cassius Clay ‘shook up the world’ by winning the heavyweight title – and
Marqusee, Mike
Red Pepper
The victory of the underdog who became Muhammad Ali – and how it wasn't just sport's hierarchies that were rocked by it. On the night of February 25, 1964, the 22 year old Cassius Clay defeated the su...
He's a right royal knockout
Light, Bob
Socialist Review
At the Invictus Games Harry will be centre stage in his uniform - no, not the Nazi one - as the Warrior Prince. Yeah, right.The PR story will be about a princely "hero" who served "on the front line" ...
International Workers' Olympiads
Wikipedia article
International Workers' Olympiads were an international sporting event arranged between 1925 and 1937 by Socialist Workers' Sport International (SASI). It was an organisation supported by social democr...
The Lessons of the World Cup for our Victim Culture
Gandesha, Samir
Socialist Project
That we are living in an age of victim culture is well-exemplified by an article recently published by the CBC suggesting that minorities "feel apprehensive about heading into the wild because they do...
Letter to the World Anti Doping Agency and International Olympic Committee
Regarding the McLaren Report and the Politicization of Doping in Sports
Sterling, Rick
Dissident Voice
Russian track and field athletes, plus the entire Paralympics team, were banned from the Rio Games last summer. This was based on the first McLaren report commissioned by the World Anti Doping Agency...
The Moronic Sport: ORVs on Public Lands
Wuerthner, George
I do not accept the premise that abuse of our lands is something that we must tolerate as inevitable. It is our land. It is our children's land, and their children's land. We have a responsibility to ...
New Website for International Association of Sports Newspapers
Sources News Release
International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN)
The International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN) has launched a new website,, to highlight its work in the promotion of the interests and freedom of the sports press.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - August 13, 2016
Sports and Politics
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Sports and politics have always been intertwined, though perhaps never as much so as in the current era. In the modern sports era, survival and success depend largely on the favour of corporations, wh...
Red Sport International
Wikipedia article
The International Association of Red Sports and Gymnastics Associations, commonly known as Red Sport International (RSI) or Sportintern was a Comintern-supported international sports organization esta...
Seven News
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Seven News
Seven News (7 News) was a community newspaper published in the area of Toronto east of downtown which at the time was known as Ward 7. Seven News was published from 1970 to 1985. Seven News is no long...
Socialist Workers' Sport International
Wikipedia article
Socialist Workers' Sport International (German: Sozialistische Arbeitersport Internationale, SASI) was an international socialist sporting organisation, based in Lucerne. It was founded in 1920, and c...
Sports & Games Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to sports and games in the Sources directory for the media.

Sources Bookshelf

Canada Since 1960: A People's History
A Left Perspective on 50 Years of Politics, Economics and Culture
Gonick, By (ed.)
An account of the most important developments in Canadian history from the 1960s to today, seen through the eyes of Canadian Dimension magazine.
Content Magazine - Number 24
October 1972
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Made in America
An Informal History of the English Language in the United States
Bryson, Bill
A history of American English.


Ambassador Magazine Inc.
Dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments and concerns of multicultural people in Canada and the world.
Athletics Ontario
Mission: To develop, promote and ensure competent delivery of programs and competitions in athletics.
ATN Cricket Plus
The first television channel in Canada dedicated to the sport of cricket and features extensive coverage of various tournaments. Programming includes live and tape-delay matches as well as coverage of...
Canadian Rodeo News
Professional rodeo reports.
Cottage Life
Like many successful Canadian brands, Cottage Life was created from humble beginnings. As new cottage owners, Al Zikovitz and Wendela Roberts were in need of help with the many unique challenges of th...
ESPN Classic
Broadcasts a range of archive sports coverage, talk shows, documentaries and films.
Ethnic Channels Group
Ethnic Channels Group is a Canada-based television broadcasting, distribution and communications company, specializing in multicultural television channels for the North American market. Ethnic Channe...
Newsmagazine for, by and about, youth aged 12-18. Features on music, sports, trends and teen issues. A publication of the Winnipeg Free Press.
The Fight Network
Devoted to airing programming related to wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, and other combatant styles. Along with airing live fighting events themselves, The Fight Network also airs fight themed ...
Golf Business Canada
NGCOA's official journal distributed to all Canadian golf courses.
Golf destinations in Western Canada and the Northwestern region of the U.S.
Hometown Hockey
Full colour glossy magazine about minor league hockey in Ontario. Profiles and information pertaining to minor hockey.
Match Point Magazine
Tennis information, coach tips and current events.
Ontario Golf News
Ontario's golf magazine. Editorial and photographic content.
Qu‚bec Soccer
Tabloid format magazine.
Le R‚seau des sports (RDS)
24-hour francophone all sports network. Available throughout Quebec and in parts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario.
Running Room Magazine
Articles about running, training, motivation.
Ski Canada
Alpine ski equipment reviews, ski area reports, instruction, competition.
Ski Press
Bilingual publication.
SkiTrax Magazine
Cross-country skiing.
Sporting Scene
Articles about amateur sports by readers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and other communities.
The Sports Network (TSN)
TSN's networks focus on sports-related programming, including live and recorded event telecasts, sports talk shows, and other original programming. TSN is the largest specialty channel in Canada in te...
Sportsnet connects Canadian sports fans to their favourite teams and athletes, using five platforms: TV, Radio, Print, Online and Mobile. Sportsnet is Fuelled By Fans, and delivers storytelling on a l...
Toronto Life
Entertainment, travel, arts, properties, politics and business.
TV Guide
Weekly TV schedule, interviews and entertainment news.

Government Ministries & Agencies

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The 1991 Broadcasting Act states that... "...the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as the national public broadcaster, should provide radio and television services incorporating a wide range of prog...

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