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Het Filmmuseum
P.O. Box 74782
1070 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands,

The Filmmuseum is Holland's museum for cinematography. The museum's collection of films covers the whole of the history of cinema from the very first silent films, dating from the late 19th century, up to the latest contemporary digital productions.
This internationally renowned collection, to which many Dutch and foreign titles are regularly added, is the source of inspiration for the museum's film programmes, exhibitions and events. Every year, there are major thematic programmes examining the history of film and contemporary cinematographic developments. In addition, the museum organizes open-air screenings, festivals, theatrical family shows and retrospectives.
The Filmmuseum houses the largest film library in the Netherlands. The museum also acts as distributor of classics and contemporary, independent films.
The museum has a collection that includes 46,000 film titles, 35,000 posters and 450,000 photographs. The collection looks back to Dutch film and cinema culture from the earliest days of film (1895) and comprises an extensive international collection alongside a large number of Dutch films.
The main aim is to preserve our film heritage from decay. One of the most important tasks of the Filmmuseum is to conserve and restore the collection. Seven million metres of nitrate film from the first half of the 20th century need permanent attention: this extremely flammable material is falling apart and has to be copied to preserve it so it can be screened again. "Ordinary" celluloid also demands special care as part of it is in danger of fading and suffering from the vinegar syndrome, the "ghost of acidification". The Filmmuseum has received several international awards for its restorations.
The Filmmuseum screens classics, children's films, historical documentaries, underground productions and new films from all over the world. These films can often only be seen in the Filmmuseum. The museum also organizes exhibitions, lectures, debates and shows in which films are combined with theatre, music and other media. In the summer, there are open air screenings on the terrace in Vondelpark. Once every two years, there is the Filmmuseum Biennial, a festival when recently restored major works from the collection can be seen.

Phone: 31 (20) 5891400

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