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Solgate Reports High Volume Interest After Harper's Visit

November 16, 2010

VAUGHAN, Ontario, November 1st, 2010 — Solgate Inc. has reported a dramatic increase of interest from both distributors and investors since Stephen Harper’s visit at their offices 3 weeks ago. While visiting Solgate’s state of the art facility located in Vaughan, Ontario the PM has announced the launch of a new business innovation program that will help start-up businesses in southern Ontario create new jobs and gain a competitive edge in today’s modern economy.

Solgate Inc., a proud Canadian company and the first PV manufacturer in Ontario, was Harper’s obvious choice to show his support of businesses in Ontario. The PM was impressed by the state of the art facility and the professional team leading Solgate Inc.

“The announcement had a huge impact on different investors and distributers,” says Vadim Lyubchenko, President of Solgate Inc. “We have been getting many inquiries from around the world, and are constantly working on increasing the capacity. We are ready for the growing demands.”

Solgate Inc., Ontario’s first Solar Panel Manufacturer, has expanded its facilities in preparation of Ontario’s FIT Program domestic content requirement change on January 1st, 2011 that will require developers to have 60% of their project costs come from Ontario goods and labour at the time they reach commercial operation. “These changes provide us with additional competitive advantages compared to foreign module manufacturers. The fact that we are open for investors and ready to raise the capacity of production gives us opportunity to preserve these advantages”, says Vadim. “In order to enhance and elevate our position in the marketplace, we have undergone a major rebranding of our corporate look, including a brand new website ( and a new logo. Our association with CanSIA, the Canadian Solar Industries Association will also help us to further pursue opportunities as well”, he added.

Solgate Solar Panels have been working for over 5 years in several projects around Europe (Spain, Germany, & Italy) and Ontario, including the donation of Canada's first roof-mounted grid-connected photovoltaic system on the Kortright Centre for Conservation power trip trail, a 1.6-kilometre trail that features one of Canada's largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

More about Solgate Inc.

Solgate Inc. is the first large scale photovoltaic panel manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada.
The company has a 24000 sq foot manufacturing facility just north of Toronto, in Vaughan, Ontario. The current annual capacity is 20MW of PV power production.

Solgate’s professional staff has extensive experience in the PV manufacturing industry and PV module fabrication process. Our production line engineering team and staff are strongly committed to continually producing the highest quality solar module in Canada. Solgate Inc. employs over 30 people.

Solgate Inc. has strategic alliances with the leading solar cell manufacturers in U.S.A. and Europe. This gives Solgate Inc. a high quality silicon cell supply and access to industry-specific expertise.

More about Solar PV

Solar energy is a renewable resource that is free, environmentally friendly and readily available. Solar energy can be used in many ways - to provide heat, lighting, mechanical power and electricity.

Sunlight is converted to electricity using photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. PV cells are usually bundled together in modules or panels to produce higher voltages and increased power.

The cells are semiconductor devices, usually made of silicon, which contain no liquids, corrosive chemicals or moving parts. The PV panels require little maintenance, do not pollute, and operate silently, making photovoltaic energy a very clean and safe method of power generation.

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If you would like more information about this topic, or schedule an interview with Vadim Lyubchenko, please call Lidia 905-850-5540 or email her at

For more information contact:
Lidia Irkha
Adminstrative Assistant
Solgate Inc.
Phone: 905-850-5540

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