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The overwhelming amount of information on the Internet is often a deterrent for people who do not have time to waste "surfing the Net." The following World Wide Web sites will enable you to minimize searching and directly access sites that are of interest to people in public relations.
Vital to anyone wishing to find out more about the Canadian Public Relations Society. It lists awards, accreditation, programs, special events, resources, chapter locations, and links to other public relations sites.
The International Association of Business Communicators' useful resource and networking site for people involved in employee communications, marketing communications, public affairs or public relations.
The National Public Relations Network features a professional directory of over 2,500 public relations agencies. Information and articles on relevant public relations issues, such as speech writing and trade shows, are also listed on this U.S. site.
For those wishing to learn more about technical communications, this site offers reports on a wide array of means such as video, online resources, Internet, Intranet, CD ROMs and news bulletins.
Current news, archives and social issues are some of the topics relating to public relations on this site.
Ernst & Young's Web contains a wealth of financial information. Its articles, ideas, question and answers, and links are especially valuable. Media contact information may be of particular interest to people specializing in public relations.
This site offers press releases, government sites and survey results. To find information on public relations in Canada, start a search based on organization, date or keywords. Or find information and links to American public relations sites at

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