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Here's a list of new releases that will keep you busy for a while. Watch future issues of HotLink for our reviews. Happy reading!

Media Relations
By Allan Bonner
Briston House, 2003, 176 pp., $24.95
ISBN 1894921003

Guide to Media Relations
By Irv Schenkler & Tony Herrling
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2003, 144 pp., $27.95
ISBN 0131405675

Toward the Common Good: Perspectives in International Public Relations
By Donn James Tilson, APR & Emmanuel C. Alozie
Pearson, 2004, 464 pp.
ISBN 0205361382

The Practice of Public Relations
By Fraser Seitel
Prentice Hall, 2003
ISBN 0131020250

How to Make the Most out of Every Media Appearance:
Getting Your Message Across on the Air, in Print, and Online

By George Merlis
McGraw-Hill, 2003, $25.95
ISBN 0071416714

Public Relations: Theory and Practice
Edited by Jane Johnston & Clara Zawawi
Allen & Unwin Academic, April 2004, 480 pp., $52.95
ISBN 1865089222

Professional Communication:
How to Deliver Effective Written and Spoken Messages
By N. van der Merwe & Evelyn Howard
Juta Academic, April 2004, 384 pp., $37.95
ISBN 0702156590

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