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Canadian Fundraiser

The Hillborn Group Ltd. 109 Vanderhoof Ave., Ste. 205, Toronto, ON M4G 2H7 Tel (416) 696-8146 Published 48 times per year. $197/year ISSN 1183 8957.
Toronto-based, but national in scope, Canadian Fundraiser specializes in news coverage of the fundraising management community. Besides current events, sponsorships and major donations, this publication tracks happenings of people involved in the non-profit and fundraising communities and provides tips and helpful advice for its readers.

PR Perspective
Canadian Public Relations Society Toronto 1 Yonge St., Toronto ON M5E 1W7 Tel (416) 360-1988 Published Quarterly.
PR Perspective's new design is not just for looks; its editorial content has increased substantially. A calendar of events, Web Watch and relevant opinion pieces ensures it meets its mandate: Providing "information and viewpoints related to the public relations profession and the activities of CPRS Toronto." A nice bonus for any CPRS member.

Front & Centre
The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy/Centre canadien de philanthropie 1329 Bay St., 2nd Fl., Toronto, ON M5R 2C4 Published six times/year $59.95 ISSN 1198-0761.
The larger, newspaper format of this newsletter is full of information for the charitable, volunteer community. Ethical investing, arts funding, and software solutions are a few of the features you'll find on the pages of Front & Centre. The size of the newsletter allows for larger articles usually seen only in magazines.

Raise Your Voice!
P.O. Box 129, Wolfville, NS B0P 1X0 Tel (902) 542-2421 Published six times/year $24.
The current issue of Raise Your Voice! is a special theme: Promotional Materials. The information within its pages is valuable to professional public speakers, as well as anyone needing to learn presentation skills. Articles in this issue include audio recordings, newsletters as a promotional tool, and what to include in a promotional package.

Words of Mouth!
Fax (905) 792-9818 Published 5 times/year $150.
Words of Mouth! is a compilation of articles by Canada's leading professional speakers. Time management, teamwork, corporate values, and business writing are just some of the issues and ideas that are covered in this substantial newsletter. A keynote contact list helps readers keep in touch with professional speakers across Canada.

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