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Sources Select Resources features information, books, reviews, commentary, and other resources for journalists, reporters, writers, freelancers, editors and researchers. SSR is a project hosted by Sources, the Internet portal for journalists and writers. SSR includes an archive of articles and reviews published by Sources and its predecessor Content magazine, as well as articles published in Parliamentary Names & Numbers and in the Sources HotLink newsletter. Also included are articles and links to many other resources for journalists around the world.

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The Winners - Winners of awards for journalists, writers, and media up to 2006

Alphabetical List of Books Reviewed

Articles from past issues of Sources

Sources 59 - Winter 2007

Dean's Digital World: Sources 59

Sources 58 - Summer 2006

Books of Interest: Sources 58

Dean's Digital World: Sources 58

Sources 57 - Winter 2006

Welcome to Sources 2006

Books of Interest

Dean's Digital World: Shifting Alliances in the Web Wars

PWAC - the 'P' becomes Professional after 30 years

Sources Select Resources 57 (PDF format)

Sources 56 - Summer 2005

Dean's Digital World: The Blight or Boon of the Blogs?

Books of Interest

Sources Select Resources 56 (PDF format)

Sources 55 - Winter 2005

Dean's Digital World: Searching on the Internet: Hear the Latest

A Misbegotten Myth

Books of Interest

Sources Select Resources 55 (PDF format)

Sources 54 - Summer 2004

Sources is changing

Dean's Digital World: Help for News Junkies


Emphasis Added

The Art of Bringing Science to Fiction

Books of Interest

The City of Montreal Style Guide

Sources Select Resources 54 (PDF format)

2004 Atkinson Fellowship Winner

Sources 53 - Winter 2004

Dean's Digital World: Keeping Current

Hidden Agendas:How Journalists Influence the News

Advertising on the Internet

Communicating Health Information

The Canadian Style


Sources 52 - Summer 2003

Dean's Digital World: Buzzwords and Blogs

I Want a Raise

Doing Science Research on the Web

Gretzky With a Zed: Honouring Excellence in Editing


Sources 51 - Winter 2003

Dean's Digital World - Wither CARR?

Why Writers Need Copyright

Colons: Kill 'em All

A Matter of Style

The Idea of Public Journalism

The Anatomy of Buzz

Web of Deception


Sources 50 - Summer 2002

25 Years of Sources

Dean's Digital World - Leaning Foward, Looking Back

On the Bookshelf: Sources 50

Daily News, Eternal Stories


Sources 49 - Winter 2002

Dean's Digital World - Pathfinders


Sources 48 - Summer 2001

Dean's Digital World - Untangling the Web -- A Guide to Journalistic Resources on the 'Net

Want to Get Published? Doing it Yourself is Easier Than Ever

All the Spaces in Between: A New Paradigm for Public Affairs

Hooking and Holding Readers


Sources 47 - Winter 2001

Dean's Digital World: Sources 47 - Winter 2001

Notes on the Practical Subjunctive

They Really Are Out to Get You

Freelancer's Mantra: Word Smarter, Not Harder

Words from the Wise (Review)

All the News That's Fit to Print (Review)

The Challenges of Diversity (Review)

Reaching for a Dictionary


Sources 46 - Summer 2000

Dean's Digital World - The New Internet: Mergers and Acquisitions

What I Learned at My Grammar's Knee

The Next Best Thing To A Clone: Subcontracting Do's and Don'ts

Life In the Fast Lane: E-Prints Speed Spread Of Research Results

All the News That's Fit to Miss: Blind Spots in Canadian Reporting

A Study of the Information Age

Sources 46 Resource Bookshelf

An Intelligent Guide to Intelligent Research

Duping the Public

The Winners: Sources 46

Twenty-third Annual National Magazine Award Winners

Parliamentary Names & Numbers #13 - Spring 2000

Canada's Distorted Electoral System


Sources 45 - Winter 2000

Resource Bookshelf - Sources 45

What's That? The mystery of the Sources 45 cover

Dean's Digital World (Sources 45)

Style Guides: Yet Another Minefield for Writers and Editors

Keep It or Toss It?

The Do's and Don't of Medical/Health Reporting

Trade-Mark Protection


Search Engines

The Winners: Sources 45


Sources 44 - Summer 1999

Whatever Happened to Freedom of Information? (Dean's Digital World, Sources 44)

Managing Millions of Messages

Agreements for Freelancers

Science Writing for Daily Newspapers

The World at Your Fingertips

Solid Overview of Media Studies

We goofed! (or The Game's Afoot)

Resource Bookshelf - Sources 44

The Winners: - Sources 44

Twenty-second Annual National Magazine Award Winners


Sources 43 - Winter 1999

Permissions and documentation: When not to worry

Top 10 ways editors can work successfully with freelancers

Are Canada's Archives for sale?

World Wide Web Site Addresses for Canadian Archives

Look it up, eh?

Looking at the impact of investigative journalism

The Power of the Remote: Not So Powerful After All

Sign Wars: The Cluttered Landscape of Advertising

Yesterday's News

The Winners: Sources 43


Sources 42 - Summer 1998

Dean's Digital World (Sources 42)

Web Sites Need Editors

If It's Worth Publishing, It's Worth Paying For

Who Owns Life?

Doing Public Journalism

Using the Divine for Corporate Power

McLuhan's Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media

The Decline and Fall of Public Service Broadcasting

"Objectivity" and Democracy are not Compatible

Publisher's Letter (Sources 42)

The Winners: Sources 42

The Winners: Twenty-first Annual Magazine Awards


Parliamentary Names & Numbers #9 - Spring 1998

Nunavut: From Tundra to Territory


Sources 41 - Winter 1998

Dean's Digital World: Finding News You Can Use from Canada or Around the World on the Internet

Six Measures of a Good (Great) Editor

The Fifty-five Cent Question

The Case Against a Son of Sam Law

Pulling the Sheep's Clothing Off American Media Wolves

What's in a Name?

Canadian Who's Who

The Sources Reference Shelf (Sources 41)

The Winners: Sources 41

The Winners: Radio-Television News Directors Association Awards 1997


Parliamentary Names & Numbers #8 - Fall 1997

How Our Parliament Works


Sources 40 - Summer 1997

Sources Publisher Barrie Zwicker looks back -- and ahead

Sources: A Quick History to 1997

Electronic Rights (and Wrongs)

CANCOPY and photocopying

Dean's Digital World: Sources 40

Foreign Policy Reference

Electronic Phone Books are Useful Tools

Help for Online Researchers

Valuable Clues to Finding What You Need to Know

News Media Stifle Ideas and Debate

Reporting the Realities of Poverty

Truth About Global Warming

The Winners: Sources 40

The Winners: Twentieth National Magazine Awards


Parliamentary Names & Numbers #7 - Spring 1997

The federal legislative mechanism

How to Win Friends and Influence People -- Lobby Like A Pro

Lobbyist Registration Act


Sources 39 - Winter 1997

A Copyright Tutorial

Our Readers Write

Dean's Digital World: Sources 39

The Winners: Sources 39


Sources 38 - Summer 1996

Battle Rages Over Electronic Publishing Rights

You, Sources, and Getting the Most Out of the Internet: Including Six Internet Fictions to Consider

Program Tackles Domestic Violence

Dean's Digital World: Sources 38

The Canadian Almanac on CD-ROM

An Intelligent Guide to Successful Online Research

Tracking Down Tax Havens


Parliamentary Names & Numbers #5 - Spring 1996

Anatomy of the Gun Control Debate

The Players

History of the Gun Laws

Legal Update - May 1996: Changes to Lobbyists Registration Act

Sources 37 - Winter 1996

Sources 37 Resource List

Dean's Digital World: Computer-Assisted Reporting

Thinking About Self-Publishing? DON'T!

Tracking the News that Wasn't

Ten Big Myths About Copyright

Eighteenth Annual National Magazine Awards Winners

Parliamentary Names & Numbers #4 - Autumn 1995

Ten Health Care Myths: Understanding Canada's Medicare Debate


Sources 36 - Summer 1995

Dean's Digital World: Working with the wonderful WEB

No News is Bad News on the Dial

Now a Canadian View of Media Ethics

Just Who's Selling What Here?

The Sources Select Online Story

Patent Folly

Reach the People Behind Tomorrow's Headlines Today

Sources 35 - Winter 1995


Sources 34 - Summer 1994


Sources 33 - Winter 1994


Sources 32 - Summer 1993


Sources 31 - Winter 1993

Finding Answers: Approaches to Gathering Information

The Canadian Guide to Living and Working Overseas

Words That Count Women In

Our readers write


Sources 30 - Summer 1992


Sources 29 - Winter 1992

Three Blind Mice

The Gulf Within: Canadian Arabs, Racism, and the Gulf War

Mixed Media: Mixed Messages

Sources 28 - Summer 1991

News and Dissent: The Press and Politics of Peace in Canada

Publisher's Newsletter

Sources 27 - Winter 1991

Getting the Goods: Information in B.C.

Sources 26 - Summer 1990

Top Ten Censored Stories of 1989

4th Annual Goodwin's Awards for Excellence in Alternative Journalism

Sources 25 - Winter 1990

Devil's Style Book

Sources 24 - Summer 1989

Top Ten Censored Stories of 1988

3rd Annual Goodwin's Awards for Excellence in Alternative Journalism

Sources 23 - Winter 1989

Digging Up Ottawa's Gold

Researching on Parliament Hill

Using the Library of Parliament

Sources 22 - Summer 1988

Anecdotes tell dramatic story of British Underground Press


Sources 21 - Winter 1988

What to do when the Mounties drop in for tea - Revisited

Sources 19 - Winter 1987

The Newsmongers: How the media distort political news (Review)

Basic Magazine Writing (Review)

Sources 10th anniversary

Inside Seven Days (Review)

Family Television and Open the Box (Reviews)

Women in the news

STET! Tricks of the trade for writers and editors (Review)

Sources 18 - Summer 1986

A goal for national survival: 50% Canadian TV content

Cuts, Canadian culture, and the CBC

Public broadcasting is cultural national defence

Tories are suffocating the CBC and the country


Other Articles

Net's one place to go when you need to know

Use Internet as public relations tool

Revealing my sources

I.F. Stone: A Wonderful Pariah

Praise from journalists

Praise from organizations, companies and individuals listed in Sources

Sources Covers - a gallery of covers

Alphabetical List of Books Reviewed

The Winners - Winners of awards for journalists, writers, and media

Fame & Fortune: Awards for writers and journalists

Resources for Students

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